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“Thank You Team for All that You do”

My struggle with finding good, reliable cleaners started the first week of employment at my new job. I quickly realized there had to be a change and fast, then we found “Us Girls.” They have been wonderful in regards to flexibility in scheduling, transparency, and the detail of the work. We are so grateful for the partnership and to have found them. Thank you team for all you do.

Jamie C.

“I really appreciate their hard work and would recommend them to anyone!”

We love our cleaning crew! The house always looks fabulous after they leave, and really sparkles. The team seems to work very well together and is always professional and communicative. I’ve employed many different cleaning services over the years, and Us Girls shines bright among the competition with their thoroughness and positive attitudes!

Jenna – Scottsdale


“We couldn’t be happier with Dania and her team keeping our home looking fresh.”

I was referred to Dania’s team by my son’s school teacher. This was our first home cleaning service experience and WOW!!! When the crew was finished, I couldn’t believe how clean and new my home looked. They did everything; ceiling fans, baseboards, microwave, places I don’t even think to clean. We immediately signed up for recurring monthly cleaning.

Craig C.


“Usgirls are very professional and give exceptional service.”

The ladies are very friendly and positive. They always do what I ask even if it’s not part of the regular cleaning. Floors are VIP to me and they do a Five Star job. They also clean for my son and several of his friends. They try hard to accommodate my days. (Especially last-minute requests) They’re a great team.

Diana W. – Scottsdale


“Usgirls has done a great job cleaning my home.”

They are always very thorough, friendly, and responsive. My favorite day of the week is when Usgirls is at my house as they always leave my house shiny and perfect.

Dina – Scottsdale


“We all need some UsGirls in our life!”

UsGirls cleaning makes my week! Their work ethic and attention to detail are unmatched. They are diligent and in tune with what our house needs and my kids love to see them!

Lauren – Scottsdale


“Your Sydney is an exceptional young lady!”

Melissa was with her. I’m SO glad I contacted UsGirls!! Best cleaning, as I do myself, but much faster.

Nancy V.


“It is so nice to come home to a nice clean house every two weeks.”

I and my husband have been using USGirls Cleaning as cleaners for 2 years. To say we have been pleased is an understatement. Trusting individuals in your home can be risky. These ladies were always very professional, dependable, and trustworthy. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for reliable cleaners. They provided us with regular cleanings, and also deep-clean move-outs. We have always been highly satisfied with USGirls Cleaning. Chad & Vanessa Bennett USGirls Cleaning has been cleaning my home for two years. The girls are pleasant, efficient, accommodating, and most important, trustworthy.

Donna Fuller


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